How Does a Hit a Thon Work?

A hit-a-thon is a baseball fundraising event where participants collect pledges for each hit they make during the event. The money raised goes to support the team, league, or charity of the participant’s choice. Hit-a-thons can be organized as one large event or as a series of smaller events held throughout the year.

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A hit-a-thon is a fundraiser where people pledge to donate money for every hit that a player gets during a game or practice. Hit-a-thons can be organized for any sport, but are most commonly seen in baseball and softball. To participate in a hit-a-thon, pledges must be collected from family, friends, and businesses prior to the event.

Pledges can be per hit, or a flat donation amount. On the day of the event, each player collects hits during their designated time at bat. At the end of the game or practice, pledges are collected and donated to the chosen cause.

Hit-a-thons are a great way to raise money for charities, youth sports teams, and other causes. They are also a lot of fun for participants and spectators alike!

Little League Hit a Thon

For baseball players, one of the most important skills is hitting. A player who can hit well will be a valuable asset to any team. That’s why Little League teams have Hit-a-Thons, fundraisers where players try to get as many hits as possible in a set amount of time.

Hit-a-Thons are usually held during practice or before games. Players collect pledges from family and friends for every hit they get. The money raised goes to support the team, pay for equipment, or cover other expenses.

Players usually have a lot of fun during Hit-a-Thons, and it’s a great way to encourage them to work on their hitting skills. If your child is playing on a Little League team, ask if they’re planning a Hit-a-Thon and see if you can pledge some money for their hits!

Softball Home Run Derby Fundraiser

Looking to raise money for your softball team? Why not try a home run derby fundraiser! This is a great way to get the community involved and raise money for your team.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started. First, choose a date and time for your event. You’ll also need to secure a location – a local park or school field would be perfect.

Next, promote your event! Get the word out through social media, flyers, and word of mouth. Be sure to let people know how much fun they’ll have while supporting your team.

Now it’s time to set up the home run derby itself. Set up some cones or other markers to create a makeshift baseball diamond. You’ll need bats, balls, and plenty of volunteers to help keep things running smoothly.

Charge each player a small fee to participate, and offer prizes for the top hitters.

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The home run derby fundraiser is now in full swing! Cheer on the participants as they take their best swings, and collect donations from onlookers.

With a little hard work and some creativity, you’re sure to hit it out of the park with this fun and unique fundraiser!

How Does 99 Pledges Work

If you’re looking for a way to raise money for a cause or charity, you may have heard of 99 Pledges. But how does it work? Basically, 99 Pledges is an online platform that allows people to create fundraising campaigns.

Individuals or organizations can create a campaign and set a goal amount of money to raise. Then, people can pledge to donate a certain amount of money once the campaign reaches its goal. For example, let’s say you’re raising money for a new school playground.

You could create a campaign on 99 Pledges and set a goal of $5,000. Then, people could pledge to donate $10, $25, or $50 once the campaign reaches its goal. If 100 people pledged to donate $10 each, your campaign would reach its goal of $5,000!

It’s important to note that pledges are not actual donations – they are simply promises to donate if and when the campaign reaches its goal amount. This means that there is no guarantee that any money will be raised through 99 Pledges campaigns. However, it is a great way to drum up support and get people excited about donating to your cause!


The Bat-A-Thon® is an annual event that raises funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Participants collect pledges from sponsors and then walk or run a set distance while carrying a bat. The event is held in locations across the United States and has raised millions of dollars for LLS since it began in 2006.

This year’s Bat-A-Thon will take place on Saturday, May 4th at parks and other locations nationwide. To find a participating location near you, visit the official website. Whether you participate as an individual or form a team, the Bat-A-Thon is a great way to support those battling blood cancer and their families.

It’s also a fun way to get active and enjoy spending time outdoors with friends or family. So start gathering your pledges and get ready to hit the pavement for a good cause!

Pledge Fundraising Website

When it comes to online fundraising, one popular option is a pledge fundraising website. These websites allow individuals or groups to solicit pledges from supporters for a specific cause or event. Typically, the pledges are made per mile completed or dollar amount raised by the fundraiser.

Pledge fundraising websites can be a great way to reach a larger audience and collect more donations than traditional methods like mailing out solicitation letters. They also provide an easy way for supporters to track their progress and see how much they’ve helped raise.

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If you’re thinking of using a pledge fundraising website for your next campaign, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure you choose a reputable site that will securely handle all payments and donor information. You’ll also want to promote your campaign widely to ensure you collect as many pledges as possible. Finally, be sure to thank your donors promptly after the event or campaign is over – they’ll appreciate it!

How Does a Bat a Thon Work?

A bat-a-thon is a fundraiser where people pledge to donate money for every minute that a person stays awake. The money raised goes to a charity of the person’s choice. To participate in a bat-a-thon, you first need to find a sponsor who is willing to donate money for every minute that you stay awake.

Once you have found a sponsor, you need to set up a fundraising page and share it with your friends and family. On the day of the event, you will need to stay awake for as long as possible and track your minutes using a timer. At the end of the event, your sponsor will make a donation based on the number of minutes that you stayed awake.

Bat-a-thons are great way to raise money for charities because they allow people to donate according to their own budget and schedule. Plus, they’re fun! If you’re looking for a unique fundraising idea, consider hosting a bat-a-thon in your community.

How Does Hour a Thon Work?

An hour-a-thon is a fundraiser where people pledge to do an activity for one hour and raise money for a cause. The activity can be anything from walking to playing an instrument to painting.

What Percentage Does 99Pledges Take?

Assuming you are referring to the online platform 99Pledges, the company states that it keeps 8% of all funds raised. This is in addition to any processing fees charged by the payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe).


A hit-a-thon is a fundraising event where people pledge to donate money for every hit that a player or team gets during a game. This type of event is usually held to raise money for charities, youth sports teams, or other causes. To participate in a hit-a-thon, people can either pledge an amount of money per hit or make a one-time donation.

The pledges can be made online or at the event itself. Pledges can be made anonymously or publicly, and there is usually a minimum donation amount. Hit-a-thons typically last for one day, but some events may span multiple days.

During the event, participants will try to get as many hits as possible while supporters cheer them on and donate money. At the end of the hit-a-thon, all of the pledged donations will be collected and given to the chosen charity or cause.

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