Can Death Note Kill Goku?

In the world of anime, there are few questions more hotly contested than “Can Death Note kill Goku?” The answer, of course, is complicated. It depends on a number of factors, including which version of Death Note and which version of Goku we’re talking about.

But let’s try to break it down. In the original manga and anime,Death Note is a powerful magical notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. However, there are some conditions: the victim must be within the user’s line of sight when their name is written, and the user must have an image of their face in their mind.

So far so good. But things get a little trickier when we consider what happens when someone with a God complex like Light Yagami gets his hands on the Death Note.

In the world of anime, there are few characters more iconic than Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He’s a powerful warrior with a good heart, and he’s always been able to come out on top against whatever enemy he’s faced. But what would happen if he went up against someone with the power of the Death Note? The Death Note is a powerful magical item that can kill anyone whose name is written in it.

So it stands to reason that it could kill Goku as well. However, there are a few things that could prevent this from happening. For one thing, Goku is incredibly strong and has survived some pretty amazing attacks over the years.

It’s possible that his sheer power could protect him from the Death Note’s effects. Additionally, we don’t know for sure if the Death Note would work on someone who isn’t human. Since Goku is an alien (a Saiyan), it’s possible that the Death Note wouldn’t have any effect on him at all.

Ultimately, we’ll never know for sure what would happen if these two powerful forces went head-to-head. It would be an epic battle to behold, but sadly it’s one that will never take place in either anime series.

Does Death Note Can Kill Goku?

No, Death Note cannot kill Goku. There are a few reasons for this. First, Death Note can only kill humans.

Second, even if it could kill non-humans, Goku is a Saiyan and has a natural immunity to death. Third, even if Death Note could kill Saiyans, there is no way to write Goku’s name in the notebook since he does not have a last name. Finally, the death note can only kill one person per day and it would take more than one day to kill Goku given his vast power levels.

Who Can the Death Note Not Kill?

The Death Note cannot kill anyone who is not human. This includes animals, plants, and gods. It also cannot kill people who have already died.

If someone uses the Death Note to kill themselves, it will not work.

How Does the Death Note Kill Someone?

When a person’s name is written in the Death Note, that person will die. It doesn’t matter how far away the person is or what country they are in, as long as their name is in the Death Note they will die. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The only way to prevent someone from dying after their name has been written in the notebook is if that person’s name is also written in another notebook before they die.

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There are three ways in which death can occur once a name has been entered into the Death Note. The first is if the cause of death is not specified, then the individual will simply drop dead where they stand; this appears to be instantaneous and causes no pain or suffering.

If however, the method and/or time of death is detailed (e.g., “car accident” or “heart attack at 3:00 p.m.”), then that particular event will occur at some point afterwards, even if it goes against all laws of nature (e.g., people have been known to spontaneously combust). The second way an individual can perish from the Death Note is by having their name rewritten by another individual; this effectively cancels out the first entry, much like how one might erase and write over something on a sheet of paper. This too can be done regardless of distance between writers.

The third and final way an individual may meet their demise via Death Note is through suicide; should an individual whose life expectancy has diminished significantly because of fear or other reasons decide to end their own life, any remaining years left would instead go to whoever wrote their name down originally (provided, again, that this does not exceed 120 years). So basically, when a name is entered into the Death Note, that person dies unless theirnameis also entered into anotherDeathNotebookbefore they die OR iftheentryis erasedand rewrittenby somebodyelsebeforetheydieORiftheycommit suicidebeforetheir timeis up.

Who was Goku’S First Enemy?

Goku’s first enemy was a Saiyan named Raditz. Raditz was Goku’s older brother, and he had come to Earth to find him. When they met, Raditz was surprised to see that Goku had become so strong.

He tried to convince Goku to join him and conquer the universe, but Goku refused. They fought, and Goku was no match for Raditz. In the end, Piccolo arrived and killed Raditz with a powerful energy blast.

Can Death Note Kill Naruto

Death Note is a powerful tool that allows its user to kill anyone simply by knowing their name and face. Naruto is a powerful ninja with an incredible ability to survive deadly situations. So, can Death Note kill Naruto?

The answer is maybe. While it is true that Death Note would allow its user to kill Naruto if they knew his name and face, there are several factors that could prevent this from happening. For one, Naruto has a very strong will to live and has survived some incredibly dangerous situations.

Additionally, he has access to powerful ninjutsu techniques that could be used to protect himself from the Death Note’s effects. Finally, it is possible that the Death Note itself may not work on him due to his unique chakra signature. In conclusion, while it is possible for the Death Note to kill Naruto, it is far from certain.

There are too many variables at play for any definitive answer to be given.

Can Death Note Kill Deadpool

In the battle of wits between Deadpool and L, there can be only one winner- and that’s L. L can outsmart Deadpool any day of the week, which is why he would ultimately win in a fight between the two. But what if we put aside their brains for a moment, and looked at their weapons? In this case, it’s clear that Deadpool has the upper hand.

His katanas are deadly sharp and his guns never seem to run out of ammo. Plus, he has experience fighting people with superpowers- something that L lacks.

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So in a fair fight, who would win?

It’s hard to say. But if we’re talking about a fight to the death, then it’s clear that Deadpool would come out on top. After all, death is his specialty.

Can Death Note Kill Anos

In the Death Note anime and manga, there are a number of Shinigami that exist to help humans pass on to the next world. One of these is Anos, who is also known as the Grim Reaper. He is tasked with helping those who have died to move on to the afterlife.

However, it is possible for him to be killed if someone were to use the Death Note against him. If Anos were killed by the Death Note, he would cease to exist and would no longer be able to help humans move on after death. This would create a lot of problems for humans, as they would no longer have anyone to guide them to the afterlife.

Additionally, it would mean that all of the souls that Anos was responsible for would be left behind in limbo. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about this scenario coming to pass, as the Death Note cannot kill Anos. This is because he does not technically qualify as a human being.

The Death Note can only kill human beings, so even if someone tried to use it against Anos, he would simply shrug it off and continue on with his job.

Can the Death Note Kill Anyone

The Death Note is a powerful tool that can be used to kill anyone. However, there are some restrictions on who it can kill. The Death Note can only kill those whose name is written in the notebook and who have their face seen by the user of the Death Note.

This means that if you don’t know the name of the person you want to kill, or if you haven’t seen their face, then you won’t be able to use the Death Note to kill them. Additionally, the Death Note can’t kill animals or those who have already died. So, while the Death Note is a powerful tool, it does have its limitations.


In the world of anime, there are few characters as iconic as Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He’s a powerful warrior with a kind heart, and he’s always been able to come out on top against whatever challenges he’s faced. So, could the Death Note kill Goku? It’s possible.

The Death Note is a powerful magical item that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. However, there are some conditions that have to be met for it to work properly. For example, the person writing the name has to know both the victim’s real name and face.

Goku isn’t an easy target, though. He’s incredibly powerful and has survived some pretty intense battles. Plus, he has a good sense of justice and wouldn’t be easily tricked into looking at the Death Note long enough for his name to be written down.

In the end, it’s hard to say definitively whether or not the Death Note could kill Goku. It would certainly be a challenge, but anything is possible in the world of anime!

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